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In 2011, Drew Lane hit upon the idea of creating a musical version of the classic 1984 film, Electric Dreams.  The film had always been a personal favourite from Drew's childhood, and the 80's backdrop fitted perfectly with his style of composition.

"I love big musical hooks, key changes, and strong melodic lines.  

I love pretty much anything 80's - the dress style, the movies, but especially the music."

Over the next two years, Drew reached out to the original writer and producer, Mr Rusty Lemorande, and was granted permission to create Electric Dreams - The Musical.  Through the wonders of the internet, Drew and Rusty have been in constant contact, with Drew sending demos of new songs to Rusty for approval and advice.  

April 2013: The first read-through of Act One of the musical is held with a select group of close friends and theatre people.  It is an unanimously and overwhelmingly positive experience which yields new ideas and concepts to help overcome some of the challenges of converting a movie into a musical.

May 2013: The poster design for the show is released, designed by Jay (aka "Designoid") through Design Crowd.

June 2014:  A read-through of the complete musical is held and while the show had come a long way, there is still work to be done, especially with the way the show was adapted from screen to the stage.  Over the next few years, new material is developed.  New songs were written with others cut, secondary stories were consolidated, and there is a sharpening of the book to make it more stage friendly.


April 2017: The 6th draft of Electric Dreams: The Musical is presented in a 3rd round-table reading.   The response is excellent and the team that were present noted that the show now needed to be in the hands of actors and to have it presented to an audience.


December 2017/January 2018: Two songs from the show are presented for the first time, including "Beautiful Relationship" and "You Were There", and preparations are now in place for a live audience read-through of the show. 

July 2018: Two more songs from the show are presented live and acoustic, including "Classical Hasselhoff" and "It's Inside Of You".

August 2018: The first directed live reading of the musical is presented to two sold out audiences and received excellent praise and feedback.

October 2018Electric Dreams: The Musical is presented as part of New Musicals Australia through the Hayes Theatre, Sydney.  It again receives overwhelmingly positive feedback.

January 2019: The song "You Were There" is chosen for the international release of "16 Stories" through Broadway Records and is recorded by the Australian Discovery Orchestra, under the baton of Kevin Purcell.

April 2019: Music Theatre Melbourne (MTM) announces that they will be staging a developmental production of Electric Dreams: The Musical at Gasworks Theatre, Albert Park, Melbourne, in November 2019.

November 2019: Music Theatre Melbourne (MTM) stages a developmental production of Electric Dreams: The Musical, garnering sold out shows and rave reviews.

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